Life is Funny Like That

There’s moments in life where you think you have life all figured out.  You make plans, set goals, and have a general idea of what is to come over the next few years.  When I married my husband, I thought just that.  I thought I knew what life would be like for us.  We always talked about where we would be in 1 year, 5 years, and so on.  But that’s just it…they were simply just thoughts and conversations, nothing more.  On September 22nd, 2016 life threw a pretty big curve ball that drastically changed everything.  My husband swore into the United States Navy to become a Sailor.  He wanted a steady life for us and to make a difference in the world.  But if you were to ask him, he’d probably tell you that he just wants to kick ISIS’s [butt].  My husband signed a contract, raised his right hand, swore to defend the Constitution and I stood by and felt proud to say that man was my husband.  All it took was a few minutes and just like that life did a 180 and would never be the same as we once new it to be.  But that’s what makes life exciting, right?

I remember the night like it was yesterday when my husband and I sat down to dinner and he began to tell me his interest in joining the military.  I had just come back from a short 5 night trip to Atlanta to visit a friend.  We had NEVER been apart for a single night up until that point after a year of marriage.  We decided that we didn’t like the distance and were glad to be home with each other again. To think that we thought 5 nights was a long time away from each other makes me laugh!  He talked about his interest in the military the night I got home, but it seemed like only that…an interest.  I could see something in his eyes that night, however, a desire to do something different with his life and so I encouraged him to find more information out, take the next step.  You know, be a nagging wife!  I was so proud of him for even just the thought and encouraged him over the next few days to begin the process of talking to a recruiter.  A few days later papers were signed and he was on his way to MEPS to swear into the reserves until his ship date.  It was easy to be caught up in the moment and the excitement of my husband’s new career choice.  As the days went by I slowly realized what this would do to our life, our simple and very normal life we had been so used to.  I began to think about my husband leaving for Basic Training at Great Lakes Naval Base and what that all would entail, an inevitable move after training, the switch from civilian life to military life, just to name a few and the thoughts began to bog me down so all I could do was push them aside and just be excited for my husband.






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